Toolkit for NX


Professional Tool created to optimize Your work as well as to extend the NX standard functionality.
This professional Tool works in prefect harmony with the base. 

According to IDatalabs  there was 2,217 registered companies working with NX in 2015 and the tendency was growing. Among these were big brand like General Motors Company, Rolls-Royce Holdings, Space Exploration Technologies Corp, Daimler and many more.

But the NX software is suitable and widely popular amongs the smaller and medium size companies.  It gives great opportunity to  optimize production preparation time and improve on machines productivity and much more. 

Developed by our experts Toolkit for NX is a set of tools, which will help to automate daily routine of NX CAM programmers and users. Our main goal was to make work of NX-user easier and faster.

Integral parts of this Tool are:  

  • NCreports
  • Operation Navigation Wizard 
  • Documentation and manuals




Allow to generate various
types of reports. Each of the
reports present precisely what you need in a clear,
concise manner for any shop floor environment.

Operation Navigation Wizard:


Is responsible to organize Your operations in elegant form. There are two options available:
 - Automatic rename operations,
 - Automatic organize operations in groups.

Documentation and manuals:


 -Installation of NCmatic Toolkit for NX,
 -Licensing NCmatic Toolkit for NX