Our company has nearly 10 years of experience in software and technology. Trough that time we have helped many clients. Staring from introducing them to CNC world supporting them with our knowledge and expertise then suppling them with more advanced solution in order to optimize the production processes.


We specializing in developing the postprocessors. Each postprocessor is custom built to fit the work shop and be able to perform specific tasks and operations. Our postprocessors are developed by skilled and experienced engineers and they are compatible with machines of various brands and types: from 3-axis VMC or 2-axis lathes, up to complex multitasking multi-channel millturns.

Postprocessing is one of the most important stages of CNC programming. With properly customized postprocessors You will be able to see vast improvement in time management and quality of finished product and overall saving in all different area.

Our Postprocessors are made according to customer guidelines. Together with the finished product we provide to our clients consultation, execution, in depth training and after sale care.

What are the main advantages of customized Postprocessor?


It will improve the performance of CNC machine,
It will reduce the programming time

It will cut the production preparation time
It helps to take advantage of full potential of the workshop